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Different types of lavender each have their own properties, use, and scent. Each of the cultivars grown here on our farm have a specific purpose from fresh bouquets in white or vibrant purples to long-stemmed dried bouquets, lavender for culinary use or to distill into an aromatic essential oil. Listed below are the types of lavender grown on our farm, these cultivars may be available to you fresh, dried or as an essential oil.

Lavender Cultivars:

  • Riverina Alan                    

  • Riverina Thomas                           

  • Grosso                                              

  • Super                

  • Grosso Fat Spike                           

  • Impress Purple                

  • Gros Bleu 

  • White/Alba                  

  • French Fields                    

  • Melissa                                               

  • Royal Velvet                  

  • Hidcote Pink                  

  • New Zealand Blue                          

  • Pacific Blue                        

  • Avice Hill                                        

  • Maillette

  • Peter Pan

  • Miss Katherine

  • Hidcote Blue

  • Folgate 

  • Egerton Blue

  • Peter Pan

  • Buena Vista

  • Ana Luisa


Lavender is an excellent drought tolerant plant that is beautiful, fragrant and easy to establish! Lavender loves full sun and well drained soil.  It makes an excellent companion plant to roses and perennial gardens or for use in a hedge or along a border.

For more information on growing lavender please see our blog posts on growing Lavender:

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