Lavender makes a beautiful fresh cut arrangement!  It can be used in vases, wreaths, floral design, wedding work and more!  It makes a great cut flower and can last over a week in a vase.  Best of all – the fragrance is heavenly! There is nothing like the scent of fresh cut lavender.



Lavender is very popular for weddings and other events and can be used in bouquets, decorations, centerpieces, cocktails, or wedding toss!  We grow a wide range of different varieties of lavender in many shades of blues and purples, as well as some whites and pink varieties.  We welcome you to come preview our different varieties for your event so you can choose your favorite!  Our lavender blooms from mid-June into August so please contact us and we can arrange a time for you to come visit our lavender and choose the perfect variety for your special occasion!


In the spring, starting in 2021, we will have fresh cut peonies available!  We are very excited about this new Peony plot and will be offering a variety of white, pinks, and corals.  Peonies are so spectacular and so fragrant – enormous fluffy blossoms drenched in fragrance. What’s not to love?  These magnificent blooms will be available starting in May and last only a short month.  Information on these beauties will be updated next spring.


We grow a wide variety of other flowers wildflowers and grasses.  We aim for a continuous variety of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall blooms. These flowers are primarily used for workshops and classes held periodically throughout the year and for creating a better ecosystem on our farm and landscape. 

We focus on perennials and native blooming plants that also support pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Diversity in flowers, grasses, shrubs and trees attracts the greatest diversity of insect life and pollinators which means less chemicals and fertilizers and creates better blooms with more fragrance.   


Companion planting, diversity in flowering plants, trees, and shrubs and building wildlife habitat creates healthier spaces with less maintenance and more time to relax and enjoy these spaces full of nature and beauty!


Resources: Helping us create our vision are two amazing and knowledgeable women designers/botanists:  Mulysa Melco of Resilience Design and Annie Bamburger of AnnieBam Landscape Solutions.  Links:


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