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5 Things to Know Before Adding Lavender to Your Farm, Flower Business, or Garden

Lavender is lavender is lavender …right? Well, did you know there are over 400 varieties of lavender to choose from? And not just choosing the right variety but finding a TRUE variety is a challenge. Large nurseries order cuttings from far off places, quality control is hard to trust, and lavender varieties have different uses. Some lavenders are good for bouquets, some are best for culinary, while still others are better for essential oils. There are some good things to research and know before starting a lavender farm or adding lavender to your cut flower business, or even planting for your personal garden.

1. Local, Local, Local. Chances are pretty good that small local specialty growers are going to have a true variety. Larger nurseries buy cuttings on a large scale usually from out of the country from different sources. The quality control of small growers are going to be better and they will be able to recognize the true varieties if anything is mislabeled. Most lavender farms propagate off their own lavender so buying from a small grower, or at a local farmer’s market, is your best choice.

And if you buy local then the plants you buy will m