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Self-Care with Lavender - Restore, Relax and Renew

January is a great month for de-stressing and relaxing after the holidays and is a perfect excuse to starting the new year fresh!

We wear a lot of hats taking care of others. If we aren't taking time to take care of ourselves how can we successfully take care of those we love? You can't pour from an empty cup. Taking care of our mental, physical, and emotional health can restore our life balance and puts our body, mind, spirit on a healthier path.

"You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup"

Studies show lavender:

  • reduces stress, anxiety, and tension

  • aids in falling asleep and promotes deeper sleep

  • contains calming and uplifting properties

Here are my favorite ideas to incorporate lavender into your self-care:

  • Aromatherapy Bath - add 10-20 drops to bath along with Epsom Salts for magnesium.

  • Sleep - mist lavender over bedding or use an essential oil diffuser at bedtime.

  • Office - keep a diffuser running during office hours on your desk or work place.

  • On-The-Go - A roller ball with pure essential oils to use anywhere life takes you. Roll behind ears, temples and pulse points.

  • Travel - lavender filled eye pillows are great to use on an airplane and no liquids to pack. Just rub buds together to activate and lay over eyes during travel.

  • Diffuser - Nothing beats a plug in water/EO diffuser. I like the kind that automatically turns on throughout the night!

  • Compress - soak a towel with hot water and 3-5 drops of lavender essential oils. Wring out and with eyes closed drape over face. Breathe in.

  • Foot Soak - Soak feet in basin full of warm water, 15-20 drops lavender EO, and 1 tsp oil such as jojoba, fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil. Massage feet. Rinse and dry. (Careful of slippery feet afterwards.)

  • Get Outside - plant lavender for summer blooms - not only is gardening shown to reduce stress but you can enjoy your own private garden of lavender in bloom. The fresh air and sunshine have so many health benefits in and of itself!

  • Car - use keychain diffusers and have an on the go diffuser with you throughout your day. Bonus is a fresh scented car without chemicals for clean living.

  • Yoga - spritz yoga mat with lavender floral water. It’s antibacterial and antimicrobial and can help relax with some aromatherapy breathing for extra Zen!


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