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Dried Culinary Lavender 


Pure dried culinary Lavender buds are specific cultivars used for baking, cooking and culinary use. These beautiful varieties are organically grown, without pesticides or chemicals. The buds are hand  harvested at the right stage for culinary use. They are then dried, removed from the stems and are cleaned and sifted to remove chaffe and stems. If stored out of direct sunlight the buds will remain vibrant for years. 


'Royal Velvet' has a mild, smooth flavor and is perfect for adding to all types of culinary dishes. Try making a simple syrup and add to coffees, cocoa, lemonade, cocktails, or ice cream. Use directly in baking, such as shortbread cookies, scones, frosting sprinkles, or ice cream. Add to make your own herbs de provence for salmon or other savory dishes. 


Sizes: 0.25oz Kraft Pouch, 2oz Kraft Pouch



lavendula angustifolia 'Royal Velvet'

Dried Culinary Lavender

  • Dried Culinary Buds


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