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Lavender Essential Oil 


Lavender essential oil grown and copper-distilled here on our farm in Oregon.


Different cultivars of lavender have their own unique scent and properties. We grow both angustifolia and lavandin varieties for essential oils. Fresh picked from the field, lavender flowers go directly into our handcrafted copper still to produce pure essential oil. 


Choose between a single variety or a custom blend of our favorite lavender oils.


Varieties that are grown and distilled for essential oils on our farm:


Lavender angustifolia Cultivars: Royal Velvet, Pacific Blue, Maillette, French Fields, Egerton Blue, Melissa, Hidcote Pink. Lavender angustifolia or "true" lavender cultivars are smooth, mild and are generally a sweeter oil


Lavandin Cultivars: Grosso, Gros Bleu, Super, Riverina Thomas. Lavandin essential oils, usually from the x-intermedia lavenders, have a stronger scent and are generally more herbaceous than true lavenders.


Park Place Blend - A blend of our favorite essential oils.  We have our favorites and this is a blend of our top oils and will include both angustifolia and lavandin cultivars.


Lavandin Blend - A blend of Grosso, Super, Gros Bleu, Riverina Thomas.  



available in 10mL vials with euro droppers or in 4oz, 8oz amber glass apothecary bottles.

If you are interested in a specific single blend not listed, please contact us and we will try our best to accomodate you.





Three of our lavender oils recently received top reviews from an independent publication. Here is what they had to say..


'Pacific Blue' - sweet, rounded, well-balanced, floral beauty of the solid lavender core that pokes through right to the top.  This remarkable lavender core boasts a sweet character that lasts a remarkably long time.  As it slowly dries, its underlying strong, rich tea tones emerge, and these linger as a warm, mellow base.. This special oil deploys a gorgeous progression of fragrance notes from its mighty core to the very end. 


'Grosso' - "The top notes mellow and sweeten as a well-balanced and pleasant lavandin core presents itself... hints of sweet spicy-woods ... In the deep recesses lurk very soft, muted, but sweet floral notes, and there’s just a trace of sweet tea at the very bottom...this one is sure to impress."

'Melissa' -  a soft, dusty woody tone with a slight floral quality, before moving on to warm sweet tea tones.  Here is a fine example of the savory power that ‘Melissa’ can develop.

Read full review HERE

Lavender Essential Oil

  • 10 mL


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